Prisco �

Anky's horses

Year of Birth: 1974
Gender: gelding
Colour: dark bay
Height: 1.62m
Breed: unknown
Pedigree: unknown
Breeder: unknown
Highest level: Grand Prix

Anky: ‘I started with Prisco when he was 12 years old. First my father did not let me ride on my own because Prisco could go very fast. It took a long time before I could manage to do the 'beginners-test' in Holland at the regional competitions. Very often Prisco started running, ran out of the ring and ran over the big show field. I learned a lot from Prisco. I learned to have patience. Many, many times when Prisco was naughty, my father said ‘go off the horse and walk three rounds around the barn and then you go on with your riding. Well, I walked a lot! But because of Prisco I can handle such hot horses like Bonfire and Salinero.’


De huisdieren van Anky