Anky Education Center

Anky Education Center

In 2009, the indoor arena was rebuilt. The indoor arena is 20 x 60m with a high-quality Agterberg surface. It is very well lit and ventilated. The warm atmosphere makes you feel very comfortable while training. Surround is fitted, as well as a French balcony for perfect filming. 

The Anky Education Center has a 30 x 70m outdoor arena, with a high-quality outdoor Agterberg surface. This surface can be used 365 days a year. It is easily accessible from both the stables and the parking area. The majority of the stables can be found next to the outdoor arena. On the far side there is a cultivated sound wall.

The lunging arena has an 18m diameter and is situated inside the stable building. It is very well insulated, so in the summer it is not too warm and in the winter not too cold. This area also has a high-quality Agterberg surface. The Anky Education Center has a 6 horse covered horse walker. It has an anti-slip surface. It can be used for extra daily exercise, as well as for the warming up and cooling down of the horses.

In 2009, 24 stables were rebuilt at the Anky Education Center. Featuring, special ventilation systems in the roof and transparent roof slabs for better light deviation. The stables are perfectly insulated and the walls are covered with rubber. Anky chose very sustainable materials such as brick, wood and stainless steel to build the entire barn.

Horses can be put on shavings or straw, or a combination of both. At the Anky Education Center the horses are fed Cavalor horse food. A wide range of Cavalor feeds are available. You can also bring your own feed, if you prefer. The horses are fed Cavalor Feed three times a day and hay twice a day. Any special requests can be discussed with the grooms.

There are two separate wash places for clients. These are fitted with anti-slip tiles and beautiful wooden walls. With hot and cold water. Next to the wash stall is a modern solarium to provide good care of the horse after training and a proper wash. Students can bring their own tack trunks; however have the use of the well-fitted tack room, which is furnished with a washing machine, dryer, numerous saddle racks, bridle hooks, cupboards and a sink. The tack room is very secure and locked when not in use.


The rooms are all private and provided with a private bathroom including a shower, sink and a toilet. In the room there is a comfortable bed, a desk, a flat screen television and as well as free wireless internet connection. These beautifully built apartments are furnished with a small kitchen, including a microwave, cooking hob, a fridge/freezer and a kettle. For cooking your meals, you also have the opportunity to use the general kitchen in the building, fitted with modern conveniences. There is also a separate room, providing and washing machine and dryer.