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Anky van Grunsven
Anky van Grunsven dominated the dressage world for years with Bonfire and later with Salinero. She won all possible championships, e.g. three individual Olympic gold medals in a row: Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and Hong Kong (2008). She is record holder in both the number of World Cup victories as well as victories in World Cup Finals. Anky van Grunsven has made dressage extremely popular. Not just in The Netherlands, but world wide. Between 1993 and 2009 she won the Dutch Rider of the Year Award and in 2000 she became Dutch Rider of the 20th Century. In 1994 she won the Female Athlete of the Year Award in The Netherlands. Anky is the only rider in the world that competes at the highest level in both dressage and reining.

Sjef Janssen
Sjef Janssen is both trainer and partner of multiple national, European, World and Olympic champion Anky van Grunsven. However Janssen is also responsible for the successes of several other international dressage riders that participated at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens and Hong Kong. In 1994 he was awarded the Equestrian Personality of the Year Award. In the 2002-2003 season he became NOC/NSF Mastercoach in Sports. Apart from his role as trainer, he also performed at the highest level in the dressage arena himself. At the age of 28 he had his first riding lesson, but it was quite obvious he was very talented. With his horses Orion and Bo he reached Grand Prix level. In 1983 he finished fifth with the team in Aachen; individually he came 25th. At the European Championships in Donaueschingen he won the team bronze and came 8th individually. In 2005 he was appointed as team coach and trainer of the Dutch national dressage team.

Employees Anky Education Center 

Claudia Bongers (1988)
Since Claudia started working at the Anky Education Center, she also lives in Erp. She brought her horse Taffarel (Negro x Goodwill) as well. She is the stable manager and Anky's competition groom and she is doing all the stable duties. In 2009 she was one of the working students at the Anky Education Center and decided to return as an employee.

Twanny Smit (1984)
Twanny lives in Erp and has her riding instructor certificate. Since 2005 she is one of the employees at the Anky Education Center. She helps Anky with training the horses. She mostly does a bit of the warming up and rides the horses when Anky is not home. Twanny is one of the trainers of the Anky Education Center.    

Gitty Zeegers (1993)
Gitty is 21 years and lives in Boxmeer. She studied Horsemanagement level 4. Before she started working at the Anky Education Center, Gitty worked for 2 years at another stable. She competed at Dutch Z1 level with her self educated horse and did jumping and eventing. Gitty her horse named Elegance, a 5 years old mare from Lord Leatherdale x Rubinstein.

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