25 October 2021
14:30u - 17:00u
Anky Education Center, Bolst 13 5469 SC Erp

A few times a year the Anky Education Center organizes an Anky Fan day. During the Anky Fan day a tour is given at the Anky Education Center, where all the horses of Anky van Grunsven can be seen. Anky will give a clinic where she will explain how she trains her horses. The afternoon will end with a Meet & Greet, in which Anky takes all the time for a chat, photo and signature.

The costs for the Anky Fan day are € 40 per person, since the presence of a supervisor of children over 10 years old is not necessary, we charge the same participation fee for them. One supervisor of children under 10 years of age may therefore participate free of charge, supervisors of children over this age may drop them off at the beginning of the afternoon at the Anky Education Center and spend the afternoon in nearby Erp, for example. Supervisors are of course very welcome at the Anky Fan day, so if they would also like to participate for a fee, you can.


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